Our mission is to give information about everything related with fish diseases. Our aim is that with this information people can know more about what fishes are suffering and how to treat those diseases. It is important to make people conscious every signal that our fish shows to be able to do what must be done before the diseases spread enough to be untreatable.

We provide some advices about how to keep the tank clean, how to treat new fishes before introducing them into the tank, how to main the aquarium in the best possible condition in order to prevent the presence of any kind of parasite, bacteria or disease.

We will give you also information about the different parasites and diseases which will attack our fishes, by acquiring this knowledge, it will be easier and more effective the process of identification and treatment of the fish affected. In addition, it will be discussed about some fishes in particular, such as the betta; some fishes have some characteristic which have a result a special care looking to avoid conflicts and its consequences on the aquarium.