It is extremely important to identify the possible symptoms of some diseases that our fish may suffer. Once our suspects are confirmed it is imperative to act before the disease turns into something incurable. Our team encourages the fish owners to pay attention to the fishes of your aquarium. To confirm if there is something unusual on the fish, including its way to act and its physical appearance, it is important to investigate about, ask the veterinarian and run some tests in order to confirm it. If it is appreciated that the fish is extremely active, static, or with some kind of spots or creatures over its skin, it is necessary to make sure the fish is not infected by some kind of disease or parasite.

If the results of the tests are positives and our suspicions are true, it is important to take the measures needed to treat the fish. The different measures can be, putting the fish in quarantine, the use of some antibiotics and some other instructions provided by the veterinarian. It is vital to identify the symptoms, run the appropriate tests and take the necessary actions in order to stop the disease and treat the fish the best way possible aiming to its recovery and the possibility of saving its life.