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Betta fish, also known as Siam fighter, is a freshwater fish from Southeast Asia. It can measure 6 centimeters and, if you take care of it, your life expectancy increases to three years.          

Due to its spectacular fins and its striking colors is much desired. However, many people adopt it without knowing which fish are compatible with the Betta fish and introduce any species into the aquarium. These fish are very sensitive to changes and do not adapt to any companion so it is important to know which congenial and thus improve the lives of our friends.



As we have already mentioned, Betta fish are also called Siam fighters. This is not a coincidence, and is that it is a species that can become very aggressive. This quality is predominant in males, which are very territorial with other males of the same species. This implies that the Bettas males can never coexist in the same aquarium (something that does not happen with the females, that they are able to share a same space).



The Bettas fish tank water should be kept between 24º and 30º and it is preferable not to use tap water, as they are best kept in acid pH waters. Therefore, before adopting a mate for your Betta, the first thing you should know is if you could adapt to this type of habitat.



The more fish you try to join in the same aquarium, the bigger it should be. Due to their territoriality, the Bettas need a lot of space to be able to live at ease with others. If you are going to have three or four fish together you will only have a fish tank of 30 to 40 liters, however, if you want to create a wider community, you will need one of at least 100 liters and thus avoid possible confrontations. The vegetation and other places in which the fish can “hide” is going to be essential.



Species incompatible with Bettas

It is important to know what kind of fish do not get along well with Bettas to avoid them at all times. This species is not congenial under any concept:

-With flashy fishes and big fins.

-With fish of nervous character.

-With territorial and aggressive fish.

-With fish that occupy the upper part of the aquarium.

-With predatory fish like freshwater brunches.

-With reptiles and amphibians.



Once we know the basic rules of coexistence of this species and we know with which does not congenial, we can complete our aquarium with the fish compatible with the Betta fish:

-Bottom fish.

-Passive fish such as Hemigrammus Rhodostomus.

-Invertebrate species, such as freshwater mussels or snails.

-Fish with a calm attitude, like the Corydoras or the Kuhlii loach.

-Colonies of live food from which the Betta is fed, such as the Daphnia.

-The Betta females themselves. Several females can get along well with a male and, in addition, this will facilitate the breeding of Betta fish.





Remember that whatever the new partners of your Betta, everyone must be comfortable and adapt well to their new habitat, so you must strive to know well the attitude of each species before acquiring it and increase your aquatic family.


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