Keep our aquarium of cold water clean

Fish care

Today there is a great variety of fish tanks. But today we are going to talk about the simplest, those that do not have a filter or heater, that is, cold water, since these require a much more special and daily hygiene.

The typical ones of glass are a little more delicate, and not only we can find them in sphere but there are other forms more amusing and surprising, even with worked edges or mounds.

But we can also find them plastic round as well as rectangular or other shapes, which are usually better when you have children at home, because we do not have to be so careful to break it.




How to keep it clean?

To keep the tank clean you have to follow a series of steps. If you do not have a filter you have to clean it once a day or once every two days: first, remove the fish and empty the old water from the fish tank until you leave it with about 30% of the water.


Secondly, we clean the walls and edges of the tank well, for which you can find cleaning items in specialized stores. We must remember never to use chemicals or soaps to clean it.

After this, we refilled it almost to the brim with tap water at room temperature. Then, into the water must be added an anti-chlorine product, to eliminate as you can imagine the remains of chlorine and other harmful substances in the water in our pipes.

Also, it is important to mention

Feed your fishes once or twice a day, with flakes of their special meal for cold water fish. The amount should be small, so if we do it twice a day we must be very careful and take very little.

Something important is that from time to time we spend some time observing the animals, seeing their behavior, their way of eating, swimming, relating to others, etc. It is also important that we look at if there are spots or rare spots on the skin, if their color remains the same as always, if their eyes and mouth maintain the same healthy appearance, so we can detect a possible disease soon. If you have a travel jacket, just wear it, sit and observe



Fish can recognize the person who feeds them if they see their “owners” several times a day and can even get to eat by hand.

It is important follow those steps in order to avoid diseases or fungus that may be lethal to our fish’s health. Change the water every 2 days , use a brush to clean the walls (remember, it is forbiden the  use of soap ) and anti-chlorine products. Feed your fish with food in good conditions and always pay attention to them in order to detect something weird in our fish and take actions before it is too late.


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